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  • Lisa 3

    Who is best to get a natural look?
    I’ve heard a few names mentioned here regarding good surgeons but I’m wondering who is the best for natural? Who would you recommend. Xx

    Serena 38

    I told my PC that I wanted a very natural look and she recommended Dr Linda Fiumara, who I actually already had in mind from looking at this forum. So now I’ve got my BA with her next month and am really happy in my choice of surgeon! I’ve heard that Ms Lutz is good for the natural look too.

    Search the forum for a few of the surgeons names and you should be able to find lots of results pictures 🙂

    Hope this helps, good luck!

    Danielle 18

    I would also recommend linda fiumara i had my op on the 7th september

    Stacey 497

    I had me traynor and he does the natural look only Hun he will only give you what will make u look in proportion he’s very strict as to what sizes he will give you he not a man for the fake look. Xx

    Katie m 15

    Linda Fiumara for sure!! Xx

    Hannah 19

    Mr netri! He’s amazing and people think mine are natural x

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