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    Hi I’m hoping to have a breast enlargment in January however I live in Birmingham and the hospital is in highgate for the procedure, is it possible to be driven home after by a friend/ family member? Heard so many different stories that can’t travel it’s only 2 hrs in the car of to drive very slowly would that be ok? Really don’t want to stay over night thanks xx


    Hi doll, I had my ba at the Highgate and they let my dad drive me home to Bristol the same day! I had to keep the sock things on they give you until the next day & they told my dad to stop every hour or so to make sure I walked around. I drank loads of water too, to keep hydrated etc but to be honest I slept most of the way home! I’d check with them though in my pre-op they said to stay with someone or get a hotel but they were happy for me to go straight home xoxo


    I lived two hours away and my bf drove me home from Highgate. I lied and said I was staying in a hotel in Milton Keynes and they were happy. I was absolutely fine to travel 100 miles so you may be too. It’s a great chance to sleep if I’m honest 🙂

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