BMI South Cheshire Private Hospital WHERE DID YOUR FAMILY MEMBER STAY?!?! Started by: Maxine

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    Okau so I got my sheet to say my closest choice of hospitals are X, Y & Z.

    However the closest one which is apparently 1.9 mile away is 5 mile away on google maps!!!

    Where did your mom/partner/friend stay if you had one with you?!?

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    Hi Maxine. Have you ever used It’s a fab website and you get hotels good discounts. Just put in the postcode of the hospital and it will bring up all B&B’s and hotels that are in close proximity and they show how many miles away they are. x

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    My partner came with me and it was an hour and half drive.. he stayed at the hospital through the day during the op – was on his own for around 2 hours whilst I was in theatre and out of it, then in the evening he went home and came back the following morning.

    If it’s only 5 miles away, wouldn’t it be easy enough to get home for them?? xx

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