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  • Amy 5

    So 9 weeks po been measured at marks and Spencer’s at a 32b ( even though this is the size I was before op) then after arguing with the lady she says a 32d.

    Then today I’ve been to boux avenue and she measure me a 30f or a 32e?!

    Not sure what to think now about what size bra to get, any other girls had this problem?


    Lisa 21

    Marks & spencer are well known for measuring an old fashioned way and adding 4 to your back size. Have a look on a site called boob or bust – it’s been spot on for me. Pre op I thought I was a 30b/c I was actually a 28G and 7 weeks pre op I’m a 28G (both using the site & measured locally) xx


    The sizes boux avenue have given are sister sizes ie. They’re practically the same size but the 30f will give u thr best support and if u can’t get tht size u try a 32E. Going down in a cup size and up in the back size is normal it’s just to accommodate ur size but try to go for the 30f as much as possible because the bra will last longer and won’t slack as soon.

    Lisa is correct about Marks and Spencer they’re fitting proceedure often sizes people a lot different because it’s so old fashioned. Whenever u buy a bra always try it on anyways becasue some brands are more generous than others.

    I got measured in bravissimo post op and had a great time trying various styles and working out what I liked and disliked also how to achieve the best fit fxx


    Check on Reecoupons and Amazon, I hope you will get a better one there.

    Jaclyn 40

    Yep measured 30f in boux and smaller in marks due to their old fashioned plus 4 measuring x

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