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  • Georgia 15

    Hi girls
    Just wondering I am now 6 days post op and I have been wearing my breast band every day, but I really want to wash it which would mean taking it off for a few hours as they only give me 1. Has anyone else done this ? also how long do we actually have to wear it for?
    Does anyone else hate wearing it and these compression bras because tbh when I have them on with clothes I don’t even look asif I’ve had my boobs done they look no different !


    I only had to wear the band for two days but each PS has their own rules so best check. It was so uncomfortable though. You’re right about the compression bra, literally makes it look like nothing has changed! Don’t worry, once it’s off and your new boobies can breathe they will come to life! x

    Rebecca 75

    Hi hun,

    I had to wear mine for 2 weeks full time and 3 weeks every night. I remember after about a week, like you said super uncomfortable, I did take mine off for a night out. You’ll be fine. I would say most of your changes will happen throughout the night and over a long period of time. It’s worth wearing it though because it’ll give your boobs the shape and look of natural ones. Xx

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