Breast implant dos and donts. Started by: Emily Bird

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    Hey girlies! Just wondering if anyone knows if you can use a sunbed at all after having breast implants? This is guve or take for me, id rsther have boobs than a tan but i do use the sun beds… im aware id have to wait quite a while before using them again (if at all) but any info muchly appreciated! Also, can anyone help me think of some questions for my consultation? Its in friday!xx

    Amy halliwell 28

    I went on sunbed after 5 weeks. But have to cover incisions for a year or they’ll go purple etc x

    Hannah 26

    Your skin is tighter on your chest after surgery (for up to 12 months) which may cause it to burn faster, and then later obvs thay puts risk of sagging skin etc so I would spf your boobs if you must use the sun bed

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