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  • Chanel 1

    Hi girls, me again!

    I was so sure that I was going to get breast implants, but now I’ve come across breast implant illnesses so I’m in two minds. Does anyone know how common these illnesses are? I’m really stuck at the moment but just want to feel confident in myself and get the implants! It’s so frustrating!!

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    Heidi 197

    If you haven’t already you should just go for a consultation cause they explain all the risks and chances, they don’t pressure you to go ahead with it or anything and it’s free so worth going if you’re on the fence xx

    Chanel 1

    Thanks! No I’ve not been yet as I live pretty far away from any of myas clinics, can I ask what they explained to you? Xx

    Sian 3

    I read a lot about this and it was something I was really concerned about!
    My surgeon said he sees around 2 patients a year who are sick and have their symptoms get better after explant. I do believe it exists, but there are also thousands of women who get BAs who just carry on with their lives and are fine.
    My surgeon said it is due to inflammation and some women’s bodies try and fight the implants which can make them sick. But there is no scientific evidence supporting this.
    I decided to get it done anyway, I’m only 6wpo but fine so far, and I know that I can afford to get them removed if I should get sick, and that is something I find really reassuring. I guess you never know how your body will react to these things, I would gladly get them removed if they damaged my health xx

    Heidi 197

    My consultation was back in April so can’t remember much but if there was anything really scary i would remember, just like infection risk (can be cleared up by antibiotics easy), your body can reject the implants (which my PC had never seen after 6 years of working for mya), little things like rippling or loss of sensitivity etc. You can google the risks but keep in mind that the surgeons consider breast augmentation as “minor” surgery because it’s so common and straight forward for them!xx


    I asked about bii & was walked thru some stats etc … Seems quite rare to happen so I put it out of my mind really

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