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    Hi I’m booked in for a consultation next week 16rh June. Um wanting implants but not sure weather I will need an uplift as Well. As I’ve had three children. Does any one no the price of implants and uplift. Thanks x

    Yaz 3

    Hi, uplift and implants will cost £6995 so just under £7k. I have also had 3 children and breastfed all 3 so you can only imagine that department!!! I have my first consultation on the 27th June. Hope your one goes well x


    Thanks hun. I’m hoping I don’t need to have the uplift. Don’t really want to spend that much and I’ve heard the recovery is longer so will be hard having my 3 kids all under 5 years old lol. Do you no how much it is for just the ba? Are you booked in to see a surgeon next then. Thanks hun xx

    Karen -1

    I am booked in on the 16th, which clinic are you going to? I also think I need both xx

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