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    Hi .. Need to speak to someone who has had an uplift .. I have a 18 month old daughter and work full time .. I have just under two weeks off following the operation but want more details on recovery process please xxx


    Hi Charlotte

    I had an uplift and implants on 08 October 2013. I had 8 working days and 2 weekends off. I work full time drive to work and work from different locations but in a desk based role.

    My recovery went really well. First week I was very tired and couldn’t do much. Went for my 1 week post op check up and was healing well. I was very bruised but not in any real pain. Bloating was an issue. Day 8 I drove short distance and managed to go to hairdressers, nails done and shopping but that wiped me out. When I went back to work found first week tough as very tired.

    Had dressings changed 3 times in total, so 3 visits to clinic post op then 1 visit to see surgeon.

    I’m now 7 weeks post op, in bras and scars healing really well.

    As long as you look after yourself, take rest drink plenty of fluids and eat well you should be fine. You will have to keep your daughter at arms length tho!!!


    Thanks so much for that information. My only worry is my daughter as she is so young 🙁 ill have all my friends on speed dial hahah xxxx


    Sorry I know this is years old but I also have an 18 month old and work full time with 2 weeks off work… how did you find recovery in the end ? X

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