Buccal fat removal due to chubby cheeks?? Started by: C. Williams

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    I had a breast augmentation with Transform and now I’ve seen how easy it is to change issues you are insecure about I now want to look at slimming down my cheeks! I read about buccal fat removal (where they make an incision inside the mouth and pull fat out) so I have more of a sculpted look. Unfortunately the shape of my face is due to my dad as we look exactly the same so being a size 6/8 I am not able to lose any more weight to reduce them. I have tried facial yoga but it just doesn’t do anything. I don’t have a round face, I have a long face but my cheeks make my whole face look fat and pictures of me look horrific as it makes me look like I have a double chin.
    Has anyone ever had buccal fat removal because I can’t find much information on it in the UK? I don’t think Mya or Transform do it and I really want to find a reputable surgeon to carry out the procedure. I could go for cheek implants but being 24 I don’t want to look like i’ve had too much done so does anyone know any other procedures to do it??
    Also I heard Megan Fox had surgery on her chubby cheeks and now look at her so I want to know what she has had done.. i know i will never look like her though lol
    Thanks and sorry for the essay
    Charli x

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