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    After quitting smoking, stopping drinking, being messed about by mya for my pre op assessment and having to go in twice (and ending up bruised as hell from having my bloods taken) I have also now had my op cancelled yesterday.
    Sat in Preston in my gown and socks with all my tests and blood pressure etc taken I made a passing comment to the nurse about when I could use bonjela as I had a mouth ulcer and should I wait until after the op to put some on. She advised she would check and let me know and that she would go and get my partner from the waiting room as he could come in now.
    The next thing was the anaesthetist coming in to say my surgery is cancelled because I have a cold. I do not have a cold. I have a mouth ulcer. I was then understandably upset and in shock and explained to him I had taken time off work unpaid, paid for hotels, travel etc to which he replied ‘you can always make more money’ and then left the room leaving me crying.
    At this point no one had told my partner anything or gone to get him so he could sit with me? I had to call him in tears to come and find my room. He then walked straight through the hospital past my nurse to my room.
    After another 5 minutes or so Dr Andrea and my nurse came back. They explained any signs of a cold can be a reason to cancel as they can cause complications, they offered me a cup of tea which I declined and they left the room.
    Nobody then checked on me again. I got dressed and left the hospital with the lady on reception telling me my PC from mya would be in touch.
    My admission time was 8am yesterday morning and I have only had a call at 9.15 this morning with details to rebook. I called mya numerous times yesterday and kept getting told they were awaiting details from the surgeons office and head office.

    I understand if there is a risk and surgery needs to be cancelled for my safety and to avoid complications. But the fact they keep telling me I have a cold when I don’t, the way I was spoken to in the hospital and left alone while I was seriously upset and how this has been dealt with afterwards is shocking and I am really disappointed.
    I don’t think it crosses their minds that myself and my partner have been in a state of limbo since yesterday morning with no idea what is happening. Fingers crossed if I can get the time off work I can rebook for December but the sooner this is over now the better for me. It’s been a horrible experience so far and I just want to get what I have paid for.

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