Capsular contracture but been waiting for a year for Dr Frati!! Started by: Samantha Grey

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    Hi all. I had 500CC implants in October 2015 with Dr Frati and was really happy with them. I had a baby in June 2017 and shortly after this, the left boob has become encapsulated. It’s hard and a bit painful and looks odd. I am still within the guarantee time so I started discussions with Mya in February 2018 for revision surgery. I saw Dr Frati again and he agreed it needed rectifying. Over the course of this last year though I am still waiting for confirmation that I’ll get the surgery done. Dr Frati has now left Mya but is contracted to come back and complete any revisions. Mya have been terrible at keeping in contact with me – I last heard from them around September time – for them just to tell me that they are still waiting for dates from Dr Frati to commit to. I’m starting to get really unhappy with my boobs now and hugely disappointed with Mya for their lack of customer service and communication to deal with the revision as they are obliged to do. Is anyone else in the same position and waiting for revision dates from Dr Frati? It seems as though they’ve had their money off me so now they just don’t care!! 😤

    Jenna x 48

    Messaged you xx

    Rachhhy 1

    Hi Samantha Im really sorry you are going through this 🙁 I didn’t have Frati but I have had nothing but problems with MYA. It’s not unusual for them to ignore patients when a problem arrises. I think they do this in the hope that you’ll just disappear. I would put in a formal complaint and see where you get with that, although I first complained in November 2017 and I am still waiting for a response as it got ‘lost’ so if you do complain make sure they acknowledge it as a complaint straight away and also in writing. I hope you get this sorted lovely xxx

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