Cleavage after Breast Enlargement Started by: Georgia

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  • Georgia 15

    Hi girls. Just wondering I am 12 days post op and my breast and very hard, firm & dont move (which expected) I am just thinking when they settle properly will they move in closer giving me kind of a Cleavage? As at the moment they are just sat on my chest and I have a gap between so I almost still look flat chested. will they eventually move in and be like normal boobs ? If this makes sense haha

    Sheena 1

    Hi Georgia, hope you’re good. How do you feel at 12dpo? I’ve got a night out planned when I’ll be 11dpo. Just hoping I’m still not feeling too delicate. X

    Lauren 9

    This is normal mine were very similar … it takes time unfortunately xx

    Georgia 15

    Hi Sheena, I am feeling good still taking some getting use to and uncomfortable at times but getting along fine with my daily chores, I have a night out planned next Saturday when I’m 3 weeks post op.

    Lara 31

    Im 4 weeks po and my breasts don’t really move, no sign of cleavage any time soon. I had Ultra high profile though, but cleavage takes a while to come


    Hi Georgia, yes cleavage is definitely a gradual process. I’m 6 weeks P.O. and would say it’s gone from a 2 finger wide space to 1 finger. They’re still pretty firm so I think as they soften the overall look gets better x

    Muz 11

    Hi, I’m 5 weeks post op on Thursday and I’m feeling the exact same! Feel so flat chested from the front as I still have 2 finger space. Have you got under the muscle? As I think this does take longer…

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