Coeliac Disease and a breast augmentation Started by: Sophie

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  • Sophie 1

    Hey all.
    I’ve lost 8 stone and I’m looking into getting breast implants.
    I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease earlier this year, and I’ve just been reading up on people who already have an autoimmune disease, they end up developing more.

    Anyone here Coeliac? Any issues?

    Lucy 1

    Hi I have Crohn’s disease and I’ve just received my BA privately with another surgeon. I’ll be honest mya wouldn’t operate on me due to having a pre existing condition so I would look into this with them and confirm before paying any sort of deposits etc as we are classed as high risk due to the corona virus at the moment so they refused to operate.

    I looked into the auto immune side of things I found that we have the same risk as everybody else a lot of people say you can get something called breast implant illness there is evidence but nothing proven and I don’t think as someone with an immune issue we stand any higher risk than anyone else , hope this helps.

    Any questions you can PM me I just had my surgery, So I’m only 5 days PO so couldn’t tell you if I’ve developed any issues as I’m only early on. The thing I would think about I worry with having Crohns If i have a flare will they ripple etc if I have drastic weight loss cause I’ve got a 425 cc implant. But I feel super fab atm defo gave me some confidence back it’s changed my life xx

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