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    hi girls, i dont know how many people have had to go through the complaints procedure with mya but let me tell you its not an easy process! they are supposed to have one of the best aftercare policys but apparently this is not the case and if you are unhappy with the surgery you have had then you are in fact on your own!

    my story so far!

    i had a breast uplift with implants in september 2009 after having my son i was unhappy with the way my body looked so i spent out over six thousand pounds to achieve a better look or so i thought. i picked mya for there aftercare and as a big boobed girl i picked what i thought was the best surgeon out there. so i had the operation after hours of waiting around for it, all was well afterwards. i went to see the nurse a week or two later to have the bandages taken of and my nipples were high, very high, too high! the nurse said that these would drop in time and the god awful scaring would fade :( so i waited and waited for these nipples to drop, in late 2010 i had my daughter which to my relief didnt effect the breasts themselves and still unfortunatly the nipples didnt drop! and then about 6months ago i noticed my right breast was getting harder and harder and more painful to the point were it just looked abnormal and felt like a rock i also started to get numbness down my arm so i went to see my doctor who requested i had a scan to see the implants. at the scan i was told that i hadnt got a rupture but i had capsular at grade 4 and that i needed to see my surgeon that put the implants in to have them replaced as if left they would rupture.

    so i spent days trying to get hold of my pc back in london with no joy i called the nurse who said i need to be seen by my surgeon asap..easier said then done as apparently he is starting to ease of the work as he wants to go into retierment so doesnt come to bristol very often. so i had to see a different surgeon who agreed that i had capsular but he couldnt do anything about it that i would need to see my actual surgeon :( so after waiting another month to see my surgeon with a hard painful boob he took one look and said “OH GOD THEY LOOK AWFUL DONT THEY” agreed that i had capsular but grade 3 and that they need to be fixed he also agreed the nipples were to high but had the damn nerve to blame this on the fact that i had another child.. so the outcome of the appointment with my surgeon was an insult and him agreeing that he will fix the capsular but wont give me a reop on the nipples because i had a baby!! so i went a met a new pc who agreed that i should be able to have a reop as i am within my 3years of not being happy with them so i wrote a letter to the head of there complaints telling them all my story and sendimg photos of my boobs from straight after my op to prove that my nipples were way to high and im still waiting.. 3months on i still have nothing a couple of letters saying we will invesigate it we will let you know within 21days!!! this is a lie if they say they will get back to you in 21days do not believe them! i am now concidering getting legal advice as three months of waiting while in pain is becoming a real ball ache! if anyone else has had to go through complaints please tell me your story and let me know how i can get this ball moving a little bit faster

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    Just going through the complaints procedure now – like you say it isn’t easy … I’ve been in contact with ISCAS and they seem pretty familiar with MYA !!


    Hi Any further news on this…..I think I’m going to be going down a similar path and just wondered your outcome (if any) x

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    Hi Im also going to go through complaints procedure, not due to being unhappy with my surgery as only 6 days out from laser, my surgeon fab but the hospital stay at beginning and the nurses there were not very nice, the local clinic not having nurses that are adequate , literature being wrong about chaperone being able to stay in single room list goes on.

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