Considering Rhinoplasty with Mya….Need some help with surgeons guys! :) Started by: Jade

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  • Jade

    I have been considering rhinoplasty for about 5 years now and I am still undecided and petrified at the thought of someone operating on my face! My nose was broken a few years ago and ever since then I have not been happy, in fact a lot of the time I wont even get in pictures with my friends (which you can imagine drives them crazy)! I do not like my side profile as there is now a bump (which never used to be there before the break) and I am not massively keen on my front profile either.

    I think now is the time to do something about how unhappy I am but there are so many surgeons around that I just cannot decide who I would even want to visit for a consultation. I have spoken to my family who will support me whatever I decide to do. I have even been to visit my GP who surprisingly enough said I should probably go ahead (he is fed up of me crying/moaning to him clearly)!

    I have previously had breast augmentation with Transform and do not regret the decision I made to have them done and they are perfect, I want to go with MYA for Rhinoplasty however as I have seen some good reviews/pictures on the amazing work the surgeons can do.

    Can anyone send me pics or private messages on the work they have done or just let me know how the whole process was for them, this could ease my worry!

    Thank you in advance… 🙂

    Kate Roberts 30

    I did have pictures on my phone but didn’t bother showing him as he seemed to know exactly what I needed. x

    babyboo 6

    Hey Hun I had Dr gonschoir. I’m really happy…I think I have before and afters on my profile

    babyboo 6

    Wow does he not Kate…that’s a bummer! X

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