Contraceptive pill – will stopping it not mess my body up? Started by: Pippa Barlow ❤

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    I’ve read alot of posts on stopping the contraceptive pill 2 weeks before and after your op. I’m on microgynon 30, and my pre-op nurse strongly advised I do this because of DVT.
    I understand this, but alot of the posts on here say that people haven’t stopped. A friend wasn’t told to stop taking hers either. I’m worried that if I stop taking it, my body will be out of sync, and then when I do take it after 4 weeks, the risk of pregnancy would be higher.
    Anybody know what will happen? Is it safe again after 4 weeks? Should I continue it? Xx

    Steff 4

    I mentioned throughout my initial consultation and surgeon consultation that I was taking the pill, and I was advised I could keep taking it.. I think it all depends on your Surgeon in all honesty, I’d double check with your PC just to be on the safe side!


    Sarah 13

    Hey. The nurse told me it also depends on the surgeon. My surgeon advised me to still take the pill(microgynon) as the risk of getting pregnant is higher than the risk of getting dvt. All was fine with me 🙂 xx

    Misia 54

    Nurse told me I have to stop straight away but I didn’t I was waiting till I finish last one and that was 9 days before op, so I was after my period as well. You have to talk with nurse or pc

    Aimee S 26

    For the sake of using condoms for a few weeks I really wouldn’t increase your risk of a blood clot which can be life threatening x


    Hiya, thanks it’s good to know that people have been fine when they have carried on taking it. Thank you all for your own experiences on this.
    I only stopped taking mine on Thursday and my op is in a week. Thought it might mess my body up less, if I finished the packet first. So my op will be after 12 pill free days.
    The nurse says it’s a strong recommendation after I asked “so is it an advisory or a must?”
    I’m more worried about how my body will be when I start taking it again. Would I just start taking it randomly at the two week mark? Surely that’s going to throw my hormones around?
    Not read anything on anybody actually having DVT though, which makes me want to carry it on. My next packet is due to start on Friday… Xxx


    I stopped at the end of my pack think it was about 10 days before op. Had my bleed then used condoms. I waited till I had a natural period and then started the pill again on that day. I had to go through that pack for my body to settle down but by the second pack (I take them with no breaks) I was fine and back to normal. Me and my boyfriend both agreed it was a simple thing to do to decrease the chance of something so serious so why wouldn’t you?

    Also the type of pill depends on whether you’re advised to stop taking it. X

    Stacey 16

    Also remember that you will have to take antibiotics for a week after surgery so even if you carry on taking your pill you won’t be protected against pregnancy during that week xx


    Yeah I’m not too fussed about the antibiotics etc, and I’m fine with the whole using other methods. I’m more worried that my periods will be messed up and then in case I’m not protected when I start taking it again. Just think it’s strange that some girls stop and alot don’t and they are completely fine. Just gotta keep moving around… Xxx

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