Couple post op questions… Started by: Lucy

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  • Lucy 27

    Hi girls,
    Just wanted to know from people who had unders, what day did you stop taking painkillers?
    What day did all the pain go and tightness and not being able to breathe properly??
    Also did you guys start putting bio oil or stretch mark cream on them straight away? I was putting it on for weeks before but haven’t been able to yet since I’ve had my op as I really don’t wanna open my Macom ??
    Thank you xx

    Angie 26

    Hi Lucy my experience seems to differ to others… I am 16 days PO and was taking pain killers up till 2 days ago I have nearly finished my first 12 hour shift and pain is quite bad and feel dizzy and sick so back on pain killers now ? going to book week off as I operate fork lifts and power trucks so a lot of upper body movements (imagine reversing your car with your arm behind seat for 12 hours)
    I was told nothing on breasts at all for 6 weeks when you shower (I had to wait 2 weeks) you should just rinse with shower head no soap shower gel or anything xx

    Elle 1

    Hi Lucy

    I had unders just over two weeks ago. I know everybody recovers differently but I was able to stop taking my pain killers at around 6 days post op and haven’t touched them since! With regards to back pain I haven’t had any yet either. I think it just depends on the person but i thought the whole recovery was going to be a nightmare but really wasn’t at all. For the first week I was very tight and stiff, especially in the mornings! They were the worst. But now just over 2 weeks and I wake up feeling absolutely fine! Like I say it just depends on the person, but I think if you take it very easy first couple of days, each day gets better and better. 🙂 xxx

    Elle 1

    Now that I’m two weeks post of I’ve also started applying bio oil as well. My surgeon said that was fine but just to avoid the area where the incisions are for now 🙂 x

    Lucy 27

    @angieca @evedunn11 thanks for your replies! I can’t wait to put bio oil on as I’m dead paranoid about getting stretch marks but I should probably wait and ask the nurse at my 1 week appointment. I’m 4 days post op today and for the first time I feel much better still tight but not much pain so I’ve only took 1 of each paracetamol and ibuprofen (been taking 2 of each) I absolutely hate taking tablets so can’t wait to get to a point where I don’t need them. Feel quite dizzy just sat in bed now tho ? I just wanna be able to get dressed and do my hair ? X

    Chris 33

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better!
    It sucks not being able to put anything on to prevent stretch marks, but I have put some cocoa butter just on my nipples, because they were getting sore and flaky (gross, sorry!) just made sure it went nowhere near incisions.
    I’ve read that keeping hydrated can help prevent stretch marks though 🙂

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