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    Just booked my surgery for May 13th with Dr singh – having 450cc uhp overs at fitzroy.

    Booked in as a day case because i get home sick and prefer to be in my own bed!

    Can anyone give any advice on what to take on the day or what to expect? and do i need to wear a sports bra over my strapping when i leave to travel home?

    I’m the biggest wimp going and i’m so so soooo nervous! any advice would be greatfull!

    Thanks girls x

    LAURA 6

    Hey Hun,

    I have my surgery on Saturday ! I’ve packed light really as I don’t think you need to take as much as you think..
    – wear loose clothing and a shirt or top that buttons at the front.
    – take a sports bra with you (I’ve heard macom are the best)
    – toiletries ( toothbrush, mouthwash, face wash ) incase you want to freshen up afterwards
    – slippers so your cosy whilst u wait
    – iPad , phone , magazines
    – maybe a couple of snacks for afterwards as you’ll probably be hungry
    – wet wipes / baby wipes again to freshen up afterwards
    – maybe a pillow for the car journey home – can’t imagine the seatbelts going to be very comfortable

    I can’t help with what to expect as I don’t know myself yet but I don’t think it’s as scary as we make out.
    & yes you’ll have to wear a sports bra over strapping

    ๐Ÿ™‚ hope I’ve helped answer some of your questions.
    Just don’t let it take over your mind and stress about it.. Xxxx

    Charlie 35

    I’m nearly 3 weeks PO now and i can honestly say enjoy every moment because it’s all over with so soon!

    I took loads to hospital and hardly used any of it. I just went in track suit bottoms, a hoody and uggs and more or less as soon as i got there i changed into my hospital gown. Magazines and iPad were useful so i would take a couple with you. Definitely take your sports bra, i had to put mine on on top of my strapping and slippers/socks.

    I didn’t take any food with me, i got food after my op at the hospital. Jam on toast after my op and a sandwich just before i was leaving and they topped me up with plenty of water etc at all times.

    Good luck and enjoy the day xx


    okay ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks so much girls! x

    Trace 157

    I saved my list etc so have a read โ€“ I used it all.

    Bio oil (or equivalent) x2 a day religiously to stop stretch marks (Boots have Bio oil on offer)
    Take Arnica 30c tablets 5 days pre op and 7 days post (1 pack from Boots should do!)

    Day before op โ€“ shave or wax all areas!
    Remove all nail varnish from hands and feet

    On op day you need:
    Shower with Hibiscrub (from Boots in the first aid aisle) an anti bac shower wash
    Take a hair bobble with no metal in if you have long hair (or put hair in a plait)
    Take out all metal piercings (replace with plastic ones if necessary)
    Your Macom or sports bra
    Dressing gown
    Ipad/magazines/phone charger (could be a looooong day!)
    Energy drink and snacks for the drive home lol
    Zip up hoodie or something to wear which you dont have to put over your head for going home
    Pillow or cushion for the way home to sit between your boobies and the seatbelt!

    After op:
    Lots of front fastening tops
    Bio Oil (only on tops and sides of boobs, avoid incisions!!)
    Arnica tabs for 7 days ish post op
    Senna tablets for the bloat/constipation (prepare to look 4 months pregnant for up to a week!)
    V Pillow
    Dry hairspray as you wont be able to wash your hair!
    Anti bac baby wipes (due to not being able to shower for 7 days)
    Lots of protein rich food or shakes to aid healing
    Reuseable ice packs (godsend for the top of your boobs!)

    On the day, take any pictures of the boobs you like, just to jog the surgeonโ€™s memory like I did, especially if youโ€™ve been given a choice of sizes!

    Good luck Keep us posted xx

    p.s. @charlie17 – I never got offered jam with my toast!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    I am booked in on the 13th may very nervous but cant wait ,i am going to the preston hospital x


    im also booked in at preston on the 13th i am sooo nervous x does anyone know how long before i can drive after they say 2 weeks but i dont think i can go that long….


    I think its 7 days you cant drive for ,we are in on the same day cant wait to get are time we have to be there xx

    Charlie 5

    Im booked in at the Fitzroy for the 15th of May! ๐Ÿ™‚

    AliB1 7

    Amazing advice @Trace

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