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    hi everyone,

    im new here and after reading so much i was wondering if i go in as a day case but for some reason i cant go home, will i be charged for the overnight stay. i read on an earlier post that u dont have to but can someone please clarify it and also i was wondering that can i use the day price and the late space offer at the same time.



    Hi Hun

    Standard day case price is £3850 you can get £150 friend referal discount but this has to be mentioned at your very first appointment with a PC and they are really cracking down on you using a name off the forum most PC’s now want you to properly know the person that refers you. There is also the late space offer but this is hit and miss and you have to be very flexible. When i booked my op i took the next available date they had and then i kept ringing up and taking an earlier date if they had one become available, in the end i had my ba yesterday and that was only 4 weeks after having my very first pc consultation but this still wasnt classed as a late space. However if they do you your op date as a late space you can get UP to £250 off your proceedure.

    If you are down as a day case and the hospital need to keep you in for any reason you DO NOT have to pay for this so I would recommend always going for a day case if the surgeon allows you to



    hi hun,

    thanx a lot. its good to know all this. happy healing, rest lots and have fun. xx

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