Day one post opp. When did u have a look? Started by: Kerry Atkin

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    Hi I’m only day one post opp but was wondering when did you have a look at them, I’m dying to but don’t want to take my MACOM off haha x

    Heidi 14

    You’ll be fine opening the bra for a little while I just wouldn’t recommend taking it off completely as it might stretch you trying to put it back on! X. I had a look pretty much every day

    Emma 29

    On day 2 I just couldn’t wait didn’t take bra off fully just unhooked it slightly and had a look but then I did keep looking every day excited to see how much they had changed x

    soph 11

    I was far too scared to take my macom off and waited 5 days to see them in real life in clinic! Hahah nearly killed me waiting x

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