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    I recently got my lips done at one of the london branches just over a week ago, the lady that did my lips was fantastic and very professional, i had slight bruising, blood spots and swelling but the clinic advised me it would all go down after 2 weeks to 3 weeks and would all be back to normal i wasn’t worried and knew i was in good hands.

    Now only 11 days later and i am very disappointed in my results both of my lips have gone down tremendously and i am not happy at all by the results i have paid a lot of money for this treatment and only just 11 days later my lips look exact back to normal as if i have never had them done. They said fillers would last from 6 to 12 months but just after 11 days that’s appalling. 😯

    My natural lips wasn’t very small and wasn’t big they was a medium size, my top one was slightly smaller than my bottom so i wanted the fillers mainly in the top for more volume and more definition in the cupids bow and only very slightly more fuller in the bottom, they looked amazing at 1st when the swelling was still there not too big but exactly what i asked for now they look completely back to normal.

    I spoke to the clinic and asked if i could go back for a top up as all other clinics do but i was very shocked that they said no and i would have to pay for 1 syringe again!!!!!! 😈

    A lot of my friends have had their lips done and recommended me to other cosmetics clinics but MYA has a lot of good reviews and i knew they was very professional and i was considering having other procedures with them but now this has changed my mind completely, i have explained that i am not happy with my results and they want me to pay again? in future i will not be booking any other procedures with MYA and will be going else where, as i feel i have been ripped off with my poor results. 😥

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    Hi Emma! That’s not good, do you not have a 2wk follow up appt? I had Botox done from a non MYA clinic and they do a check up after 2wks to see how you are and whether you’re happy with the results. One of my eyes looked slightly better than the other and the doc injected a few more drops in no question, free of charge to even it out. It’s worth questioning if you’re not happy xx

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    Same my botox man does top ups no questions asked and hes dirt cheap at £100! x


    WOW why am i the only one that doesn’t get a top up lol!

    Hush2 – where did you get ur lips done?? think i might go there lol x

    Kristi – did you go transform? might go there from now on x

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