Do unders cause hard boobs? Started by: Glitter Queen

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    I’m having my op next month and considering which to go for in terms of overs/unders. My friend had overs and they are amazing but another friend has unders and her boobs are rock hard, is that normal?

    Laura 6

    I’m 4 months post op with unders. Mine felt quite hard to start with but have definitely softened up now. I’m very skinny on my top half and see rippling at times on the sides when I lean forward. Id have been gutted if I had overs and this happened where it could be seen so this may be something to consider depending on your frame. Good luck ?

    Jade. 7

    Hey, I had 275cc unders with nothing I mean nothing to start. I’m 4 weeks post op and mine are already quite squishy and moveable. I think it’s how much your muscle and skin adapt to the implant with regards to the stretching of it. Hope this helped a little.?

    Lara 33

    They usually soften. It depends on how much breast tissue you have. I had almost none so my surgeon said unders were kind of the only option and overs would show the outline of the implant. I’m only a week post op so still a bit firm and stiff. My friend had unders 2 years ago and her boobs are soft and moveable, so they do soften up.

    Sarah 64

    7 weeks post op to.orrow with unders. They’re definitely getting squishy now! ?

    Cara 9

    Similar to the other girls, I had unders because of my frame so I imagine you may not get much of a choice. Mine feel soft not hard. It took about 3 months for them to start feeling like that x

    Cole 24

    Think everyone’s really different, I’ve got 325 unders and mine are really hard but I like them like that and they’ve stayed exactly how I’m happy with them but fluffed also.

    My sister has overs and hers feel really natural but I think it just depends on if your muscle wants to keep tight hold or not x

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    Aine 2

    @cole I am 6 weeks post op with 300cc unders…. They are still quite high and hard with a lot of upper pole volume which I’m hoping will diminish!! What stage are you at Cole?


    Implants, under or over, should soften up to feel natural as they heal.

    1 reason a breast implant can be hard is due to capsule contraction. Which can happen and if it does you should speak to your surgeon and you can get it corrected.

    I got unders because I didn’t have much breast tissue. Also wanted lesser chance of rippling.

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