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    Hi ladies,
    My surgery is a week today and all of a sudden I have a million and one questions. I am a mom. I have two children. My daughter is nearly 5 and my son is 10 months old. My question is to anyone with babies. Was you able to still be a mom a week after surgery? I only have help for the first week after my surgery then it’s all down to me again. Thanks x

    Lovepenelope 17

    Hey, I have a 5, nearly 6 year old and a 18mth old!
    Are you having overs and unders?
    In all honesty I was fine from day 4:5 but was up on my feet in the park with them on day 3. Only thing I didn’t do was lift the baby until week 2!
    I had 300/325 HP overs!


    I have a 11yr old, 7yrs and a 7 month old… I’m so nervous about the recovery proceeds too. I think my older boys will be ok but it’s just my daughter will still be so little.


    I’m 10dpo and feeling bloody amazing. I have a 3 year old daughter and still need help bathing her as I don’t wanna be leaning over for periods at a time yet, and haven’t picked her up and been advised not too for the duration of 6 weeks if I can help it (but then again she’s a lump). Other than that doing things with her has been a breeze, much to my surprise ?

    Sophie2330 14

    Hi girls, I’m having unders. I have one week where I have help and then I need to get back to being mommy. My op is Friday so I will let you know how my recovery is going specially having a baby xx

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