does anyone know where the hospitals are located Started by: laineyjk

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    hey hun, to be honest it depends on your surgeon, some work from highgate london, others the heath which i think is in london too and others work from one in manchester. I dont think there are any near bristol though, like me (im from cardiff) nearest seems to be london. x


    thanks hun yes i think london is the closest as i was going to go with transform as they were cheaper and they too are in london but i see that mr singh has gone to mya so in two minds who to go with


    Hi. I have been to the Brisol Clinic today, I myself live in cornwall, and if or when I go ahead with the surgery, I have to go to London! Which I don’t mind as that is where I am from, lol. But, was told by Laura (co-ordinator) that they use specific chosen hospitals in London. I do believe that its at Highgate. Private I would imagine. Hope that helps!!



    where are the hospitals where surgery will take place as i live in bristol and i dont think there is a hospital near where i live

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