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  • Kirsty 49

    Hi girls!

    I had my consultation yesterday and my PC recommended Dr Andrea Giannitrapani. I was happy to arrange an appointment with him as my PC said he is really good at achieving natural results and won’t go above 400cc which is fine by me as I only want around 300-350 max.

    However since then I haven’t seen anyone on my BA Instagram account that has had surgery with him so I’m a bit worried.

    Have any of you or anyone you know had him? I’ve had a look at his website and he appears to be a perfectly good surgeon but it would be nice to speak to some girls who’ve experienced his skills!!

    Thanks xxx

    Abbie 13

    I haven’t seen much about him but there are a couple of posts on here if you did deep all of which seem positive and that he is really down to earth and put them at ease. x

    sarah 5

    Hi he’s a new surgeon with mya so there isnt many posts on here about him yet, I’m booked with him too having my op Tuesday ? if u search for his name in the search box on here ul find some of his work xx


    Hi Kirsty, I’m having surgery with him on the 17th September. I was oringinally going with Mr Singh but because I couldn’t take time off earlier and he is now taking time out my PC said to have a consultation with Andrea. He was brilliant and listened to everything I had to say and kept asking if I had any more questions. I trust his judgment completely and can’t wait for surgery now ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    Glenn 9

    I had him. He was so lovely, made me feel completely at ease and i’m happy with the results so far ๐Ÿ™‚

    Stacey 16

    I’m having him on Wednesday! X

    dawn clark 32

    Hi kirsty im booked in 18th September. Hes a lovely man so down to earth andwith a nice manner.. I cannot wait for my new boobs ?xx

    Stace 2

    Hi Kirsty, I had Dr. Giannitrapani and he was great and I’m happy with my results. I had 425cc/450cc unders. I’m now 5 months post op. My most event pics are on my Insta account misslondons_ba xxx


    Hi ladies, how did you surgery go? I am booked in with a consultation with dr Andrea giannitrapani on Tuesday. I canโ€™t see much on here for BA with him.


    Hi girls, Iโ€™m currently deciding which surgeon to have a consultation with and have been recommended Dr Giannitrapani. If anyone has any before and after pictures of this work that would be a massive help! Finding it hard to find his work on Instagram. Thanks in advance, Amy x

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