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    So after over a decade of unhappiness but not feeling confident anything could be done to ‘fix’ it, I’ve finally placed my faith in Dr Giannitrapani! Surgeon consult on 4th December and I’m very excited to finally being ready to take the step.

    However I’ve got an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and worry about just what can be done. I’ve seen some before and afters that have astounded me that he has performed the last few years but I feel only 2 I’ve seen have been similar to my ‘before’ nose, and that maybe my expectations of what can be achieved may be a little grand…
    Also I’m starting to panic of how my face will even look with a cute nose. Trying to imagine anything other than my very large and long ‘roman’ nose is impossible and it’s making me worry so much!

    I guess I just need reassurance and some stories from other women who’ve had surgery with him before to settle my nerves.

    It’s just a very overwhelming feeling right now, hoping to have the op early 2018 , after a decade of searching I think I’ve found the right surgeon
    Any girls with similar journeys or before pictures would be greatly appreciated a response! Xxx

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    Nikki 2

    Andrea is amazing I’m five weeks post op babe it took me nine years to pluck up the courage and I thoroughly researched him without forums and reviews like this I wouldn’t have gone with him but he listens and he understands but most importantly your health and safety and functionality of the nose is most important to him he’s lovely warm and charismatic-he really put me at ease I’m on insta beau_bxx feel free to add me and we can chat x

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