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    Ok so 6 months post op and I’m in love with my new vagina. Sex is just amazing. I am so happy with my result I have that sweet 16 tightness back, when I have sex I can feel everything and so does he. I have a vagina that I am proud of again. After having a baby I just lost confidence and my vagina just didn’t feel the same. There wasn’t as much resistance on entry or friction. It would even play on my mind during sex. Now the only things that play on my mind during sex is how strong, tight and amazing my vagina feels. It has worked wonders for my confidence and I feel so different about my body so much so that I am no longer going ahead with my breast implants. That’s how much having the surgery has changed my life. I feel brand new, I have a very special vagina. I have had a few different sexual partners post op, they all commented about how tight I feel and they lost their mind. I have been with a female and she said it felt like I was going to pull her fingers off, she was so amazed. I told her that I’d had surgery and she asked me how much because she was going to start saving lol. Dr. Ibraheim is the vagina God. I am so happy with my result, it was worth every penny. It’s my tight little secret 😉 and I would do it all over again. The recovery was quick, pain minimal and losing my virginity for the second time was such a special feeling. Cosmetic surgery is usually a visual result, but with vaginal tightening the result has to be felt and the result feels sooooooo good. Visially my vaginal entry is smaller and more tucked away my vagina muscles are tighter, stronger and higher. I asked for a virginal vagina and Dr.Ibraheim got it spot on. I have had to break myself in and now 6months post op I am well and truly enjoying my sex life, back on that horse and firmly in the saddle lol. If you are thinking about it having this surgery stop thinking and just do it you will not regret it and be sure to go with Dr. I braheim The Vagina God xxx


    Hi I’m 4 days post op . How long is recovery . I’ve had tightening and labiaplasty , still bleeding is this normal ? X


    How much did you pay ?


    How is your recovery going? I’m not sure if bleeding is normal 4 days post op but you woukd have had your 1st post op check up by now. I had surgery on the 18th and am so happy with results already x


    Hi just starting to feel ok today , bleeding stopped yesterday which is apparently normal after tightening . Swelling gone down a lot , definitely more. Omfortable . Healing nicely . I’ve had a look properly and I’m over the moon with results allready . Dr ibraheim has done an amazing job from what it looked like before

    Clair Abbott 13

    Can you tell me how much the vaginal tightening costs please x

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