Dr Mahdi or Mounir?!! For BA and uplift Started by: Kirsty H

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    Hey girls,

    Im living away from the UK at the moment and wanting my surgery straight as soon as I’m back. MYA have told me to either book my consultation in with the two surgeons or one for as soon as I’m back , then I’ll have to wait for a surgery date with whichever one I choose

    Or I can choose which surgeon then book my surgery date now so I can have a BA and uplift 3 weeks after I arrive back home

    What would you girls recommend?
    Stuck between Madhi or Mounir haven’t met either but going off reviews and pictures and recommendation at my first discussion at MYA!! X

    Emma 2

    Hi, I’ve just had my surgery with Mr Mahdi. I can’t fault him up to this point at all. I still have dressings on but when the nurse changed them she sang his praises and said he’s very good at what he does. ?

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