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    Hi girls,i’m a newbie!! Can anyone please tell me has Dr Russo been struck off? been trying to find where he is operating but read somewhere that he has been suspended,so…….I have booked with the hospital group in Southampton & the lady on the phone has booked me in to see a Mr Sulaiman,it was who she recommended.

    Has anyone had a ba with him & how recent? was the end result what you had hoped for??

    Many thanks in advance for any replies :)


    Russo has been suspended yes x


    I met Dr Sulaiman, he doesnt say very much but was lovely. Didnt end up going with him purely because I didnt like the company, far to pushy. However, my cousin had him and hers look amazing…and massive! xx


    Thank you xlauraxsx,i thought i read right.What a shame as he was good apparently.xx

    bex123….that’s good to know that someone has had him.Who did you go with in the end?

    I saw Dr Khan at transform & it was like he was in a rush.I know his work is supposed to be good but i’m not sure i liked his bedside manner!

    I’ve got a consultation with Mr Nicholas James in Hertfordshire next month.He is supposed to be brilliant but up his own arse!!….Hey i want my boobs done,not a relationship lol :)xx

    Thanks girls xx

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