Driving Started by: Rebecca McGettigan

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    How long after surgery can you start to drive again. Its 1 week since I had mine done

    Georgia 15

    It’s totally up to you they say whenever you feel comfortable, I tried when I was 9 days post op and my arms where still stiff abit and struggled with my belt and wheel. I am now 13 days post op and tried again today which I am so much better and can move


    I was wondering this too, is it hard to get into gear ?

    katie2510 17

    I started driving 4days just short round the corner drives but day 6 I had to drive to work so been driving since then

    Lara 31

    I had unders and left it until 3 weeks due to pain and difficulty moving my arms. My friend was driving after a week. My surgeon said as long as you can do an emergency stop and manovre the steering wheel and use gears without discomfort you can drive. Usually about 1-2 weeks depending on your pain

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