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  • Aneilia 30

    Hi I’m having my surgery next month but just wanting to know how soon after untill you can drive? I have a daughter would I be able to drive her to school and back the next day? Or not likely? I did ask my pc she advised not to drive for atleast 7days after but just seeing if anyone did drive sooner and if it’s ok? ️Xx

    Aimee 62

    It just depends how youre recovery goes hun, im 7 days po today and i can drive but struggle so much with the gears and turning for more than just a corner reaching for my seatbelt etc! Really feels like its pulling on your incisions and is really uncomfy, my recovery was good iwas up and about in asda the next day so ive been lucky pain wise so i thought it would be easy but i was soo wrong! Good luck with your op 🙂 xx

    BETH 11

    I got told to wait AT LEAST 10 days by both the nurse at hospital and post op nurse as the anasthetic is still in your system x

    Ellie 281

    i would say quite highly unlikely that you will be able to drive the next day. i couldn’t even open n close the car door for the first 4-5 days without feeling pulling n shooting pains xx

    Kate 8

    I drove 4 days post op. I lowered the steering wheel to make it a little more comfortable. Everyone is different but don’t take the chance if you don’t feel 100% ready xx

    Aneilia 30

    Thank you everyone. No I wouldn’t risk driving unless I knew I could 100%
    I drive automatic so might be easier I suppose as don’t have to struggle with gears. I’ll just have to see xx

    Beverley 74

    I was given the all clear to start driving my car after 7 days PO . Luckily I drive an automatic car so it wasn’t too difficult to drive , however I did find it difficult to put my seat belt on .,,

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