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  • Wiewie 3

    I’m nearly 6weeks post op this thurs habe oppointment had 325cc under from 34a/aa they look fantastic dont get me wrong,I was cheeky and went into primark last week at 5weeks and tried some bras on and they didn’t do anything for me no lift or push together…I heard primark is not good and ill go to m&s and Ann summers this weekend to be measured and get proper bras but is it realy going to make a big difference??? Thought bra would squash them together!!! What company bras did u girls bought??i just hope ill live my boobs in a bra that’s all xxx

    Vanessa 56

    it might just be taking yours longer to settle and become more squishy and move to be affected by the bra?
    i’m sure once oyu are measured properly you will find some bras that work their magic.
    we all managed it pre op when we didnt have boob
    hope you feel better hun xxx

    Rosy 36

    Hey Hun don’t worry too much, I haven’t had my surgery yet but if you look at some of the amazing pics the girls have on here they’ve changed so much from 6 weeks to 6 months!! You can see the dropping and fluffing it’s crazy how much they relax over time! I’m sure you will get the result you want in the end xx

    Gemma 5

    I’m 6 weeks on Friday and mine are still pretty solid! Which is making me hold off on bra shopping for as long as I can resist the temptation! But my friend who had hers done 4 years ago told me not to rush into buying too many bras straight away anyway as hers changed a lot over the first few months!
    I’m sure you will find the right bra that you will love your new boobs in 🙂 xx

    Miss eng 2

    Hi….was wondering how your recovery was going. Had my ba nearly 5 weeks ago and had 325cc hp unders with marcellino. Think I’m having similar issues you had, feeling a bit down about the size and they’re still pretty hard. wondered what cup size you ended up.

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