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    Hey everyone…
    I’m booked in for surgery on the 22nd april 2015 with mr Marcellino
    I’m having a choice of implants which are either 275cc/300cc but Im definitely going for the bigger size.
    In my consultation with the the surgeon we discussed two options…
    Option 1 was Inplants with nipple lift
    Option 2 was implants with full uplift
    After loosing around 3 and 1/2 stone my boobs have been left empty… At first the scaring scared me so much now I’m swaying towards the full uplift.
    Can anyone share their experience with me? Xxx

    Georgina 18

    I had your option 1 and my scarring is so natural looking if that makes sense? I’m only 5 weeks post op had the same options as you and I wouldn’t change anything now was definately the best decision for me xx

    Jessica 42

    Hi Georgina, do you mind if I add you? I’m booked for aplift and implants next month. What profile did you have? Xx

    Georgina 18

    Yeah of course, I had 425cc in my right and 275cc in my left both overs hun xxx


    Thankyou so much for sharing your experience georgina! I hope you don’t mind but I’ve added you ️Xx

    Becca 3

    hi millie i am booked in for full uplift and enlargement in july and am also really scared and nervous as originally i just wanted the enlargement but having grade 1 breasts i had to change to having the uplift aswell i think it is a perfectly normal feeling and i hope all goes well with your surgery

    natalie 2

    hi millie in booked for a full uplift on the 27th april with implants ranging fron 225cc to 325cc ive got marcellino as well


    Hey ladies… Can I just say after just leaving my 7 day post op check how happy I am 🙂 I wish you both all the best of luck with your operations and recovery! Just seen my new boobs for the first time and honestly the scarring was the bit I was most apprehensive about but wow can I just say they amazed me how clean cut everything looked. Any questions don’t hesitate to message me xxxx

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