finance with 3 and a half year old default? Started by: kirsten

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  • kirsten

    Hey there guys, has anyone else managed to get finance with an old default? On the terms on the website it says that you’re not allowed defaults in the last three years, mine is older than this, not sure if anyone can shed any light on this please? I settled the balance a long time ago just don’t know if it will stop my finance application. The online advisor says she thinks i will be okay.
    Thanks in advance.

    Rosy 35

    Hi, I have a 3 year old default and I’ve just been accepted for 10 months interest free with half up front !! I didn’t try any other finance so don’t know about the different options but it’s worth a try !! Good luck xx

    Vicky*★. 231

    Rosy when did you get accepted for that and which MYA was it because I was told they didn’t do this option anymore and I neeeeeeed to use this one. I can put a deposit of 3500 next month but I would rather use the interest free finance to pay the rest off over ten months instead of waiting til I have all the money! I am desperate for them to be done asap can you let me know rosy pls xxxxxx

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