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  • Rachel 2

    Hi ladies, I appreciate this is a much discussed subject and is almost like asking how long is a piece of string, but I’m wondering if anyone can give a bit of advice or more in depth information with regards to finance options.
    I have a poor credit rating due to bad choices when I was in my late teens, so I have pretty much accepted the fact that I won’t be approved for finance through MYA. Now my question is, if I apply and get declined, will they then let me take finance with a guarantor or will they have to do a completely separate finance application in the name of the guarantor only (in this case my Dad)?
    I appreciate any advice anyone can give me 🙂

    Katie 1

    I’m wondering exactly the same thing, I got declined for mya fiancé so did my finance which is strange because he has such a good credit rating! I have a guarantor ready ????????

    Chantelle 14

    Hi do you know if your guarantor owns there own home they can pass fiance for u? As this is my mum and shes willing to be one for me. Im not sure bout her debt side of thing as dont want to ask her this. But she passed as one for my sister for a rented property and can get a car on finance. Just want them done next year and dont want to wait for a other year saving. Iv got my consultation saturday and it feels like the days are dragging already plus my dad will help with my monthly payments as i dont work due to being a carer for my son so i know i wont get finance x

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