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    Hey everyone,

    I applied for finance ages ago & was declined so my PC suggested I get someone else to apply for me. My boyfriend will most likely be accepted but we were just worried about the effects it will have on his credit rating in the future when he goes to buy a house etc…

    I was planning on paying half the procedure cost upfront and then the rest over 10 months, as this is the most do-able option for me. He is really worried it will look bad on his rating, even if we make sure the payments are always paid on time.

    Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks xx

    Laura 20

    Any monthly outgoing that show on your credit file generally affect the amount you are able to borrow for a mortgage. If it’s only for ten months and you don’t plan to apply for a mortgage in this time what’s the issue? If it is all paid off and no payments are missed this will highlight affordability on his part and improve his credit score once settled. Hope this helps x


    Ah thats brilliant thank you! I will let him know he’s freaking out haha x

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