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    Hiya! Booked in to see mr monoir (prob wrong selling oops) firstly has anyone had him? And what happened at your first surgeon meeting? Do i need to take bras or anything? Or will he just measure me then give me advise on whats best for me?? thanks xx


    Glad it isnt just me wondering!! X

    Sam 3

    Hi Nichole firstly you will have an appointment with your PC she will then find out what your stats are which Surgeon you are best suited to and she will have you try on different sizes in implants you will then get an appointment with your prosective consultant my surgeon was Mr Muniour i had my surgery on Monday 31st October went 325cc ivers because i had enough breast tissue good healing so far been to see the nurse she said my incisions are heaing nicely just got to keep plasters on until Wednesday my new boobs are massive at the moment measuring in at 34DD i wanted to achieve a C or small D cup so hopefully in time they will settle but when you go to see Mr Mounir he will take a look at your breasts and feel for lumps etc see whether you have enough breast tissue etc and then will tell you is thoughts on sizes hope this helps

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