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    First post on here after looking everyone’s posts to find it a little more information on peoples experiences etc.

    I’ve been thinking about having a boob job for years and finally I plucked up the courage to have a appointment etc, me and my partner went down to London to get everything arranged which I was very excited for! On the day we went I was lucky to be booked in with Dr Fazel on the same day of meeting my PC, this is were I become a little worried as he suggested for me to have 275cc Over muscle and round implants with a lollipop scar, i think it’s called a mastopexy uplift and implants, I’m a 34b now with little breast tissue and loose on the top(weight loss and having a child) after looking at other people’s posts and looking at the sizes in the room where my details were took I feel that a 275 would be too small? I have plenty of time to reconsider but wanted people to maybe assist me on what to do or say if I’m not happy (meeting him seemed a bit rushed) does anyone think that I could ask for a bigger implant or maybe someone different to give me a second opinion?

    I’d appreciate any assistance and advice on what to do before and after!

    Kind regards


    Oh I forgot to mention 275 was apparently the largest legal option with both ops in one hit but I’ve seen people with double that size on here etc

    Thanks again


    Hi, although I don’t need an uplift I’m also new to this, I’m booked for surgery on the 21st of May and still nervous, for me personally I have researched so many forums and spoke with so many girls via Instagram that have shared there stories, I also went for three different consultations with three different surgeons just to compare, I was lucky they all said the same to me so made me feel more comfortable. I would go to another surgeon or maybe two just to compare the advice they give, it may put your mind at rest, hope this helped xx

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