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    To all our lovely MYA Forum Users,
    We have noticed in recent weeks that there has been an increase of posts and users discussing and linking to other cosmetic surgery providers. We would just like to remind you of our current guidelines in relation to this particular subject. It is in your interest to read and understand these rules and regulations of our MYA Forum. If you do not it may affect your rights to continue as a member on the MYA forum community:
    We understand that the forum can and should be used for conducting cosmetic surgery research. However you must respect that this is a MYA forum and only information about procedures and experiences undertaken by MYA should be discussed here.
    We understand that not everyone is solely a Patient of MYA. We offer a great and fantastic forum – however we must ask you to respect that no other cosmetic surgery provider or surgeon should be mentioned by name on our forum e.g. ‘I have a consultation with MYA but I also have one with another cosmetic surgery provider’ or ‘I had a Rhinoplasty with a private surgeon.’ . This forum is strictly for discussions about MYA and not to positively or negatively post about other providers. If these guidelines are not abided by then we reserve the right to remove any post we deem a violation of these rules.
    To prevent misleading others about MYA – we ask you should not comment negatively about a procedure/experience without stating that it is with another cosmetic surgery provider. If however it is a negative or a concerned post about the MYA service then we will endeavour to deal with this through our effective Patient Care process.
    We are proud of our forum – we are the only UK cosmetic surgery provider who is proud and confident in the level of service that we offer to then allow our Patients to discuss anything MYA related. Therefore we must ask that this isn’t a forum for Patients who have had procedures with other cosmetic surgery providers to upload pictures or share and discuss their procedure and/or experience. We reserve the right to delete anyone who uploads pictures, comments and posts about other cosmetic surgery providers.
    We hope you understand and agree with these MYA Forum guidelines. We value each and every one of our forum users and without you the forum would not be the supportive network it is today.
    If anyone has any queries or questions regarding these guidelines then please do not hesitate to contact us via our email
    Love MYA Mod x

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