Found out I was pregnant before my op and now MYA won't give me my money back. Started by: Tanya

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  • Tanya

    So even though it says in the contract that if for any medical reason you are unfit to have your procedure you will be entitled to a full refund… After 3 months of messing around MYA have finally decided that I’m not entitled to a refund even though I informed them of my pregnancy. I’m pretty sure being pregnant deems you medically unfit to have cosmetic surgery, especially considering you have to take a pregnancy test on the day of your operation to make sure you’re not pregnant. What takes them 3 months to come to this conclusion I will never know. However, I do know that if you are considering going with MYA think very carefully before handing them any money, because that’s all there after. The fact that they are refusing to refund my deposit is absolutely outrageous, and completely unnecessarily putting a pregnant woman through copious amounts of stress and complication. I now have to make a formal complaint (yep 3 months and it still hasn’t reached the people who actually matter) about my situation.
    Just to clarify, yes this was an unplanned pregnancy, however, I was taking the contraceptive pill, and have been taking the contraceptive pill for the last 6 years. Although, this now seems to have failed me. The point of this situation is, why on earth would I book cosmetic surgery if I wanted/or knew there was any chance of being unable to have it. Medical circumstance completely out of my control, and therefore adhering to MYA’s contract thus being entitled to a refund.
    Apparently not. I’m disgusted the company are even discussing the matter, it is my money, I never had the operation, my situation adheres to your contract, therefore…give me my money back.


    I never had to take a pregnancy test on the day of my op! I hope you manage to sort this out lovely and congratulations!! Xxx

    Laura 13

    Is it just the deposit they wont give you back or the whole procedure cost?


    Did u ever get ur deposit back

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