Full tummy tuck and Lipo with Dr Tsekouras post op Started by: Tracy

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    I just wanted to share my story
    First of all Dr Tsekouras Is an absolute legend I can’t praise him enough, I’ve never met a dr of any kind that has his no nonsense honest approach, he will make sure you know all the bad points before he even dares direct you to the good, the time he dedicated to appointments and making sure you fully understand everything is amazing,
    I had so much confidence in him before surgery and I’m now 2.5 weeks post surgery after a full Tummy Tuck and Lipo, all I can say is I woke up and didn’t recognise myself everything I hated was already gone
    Every day I’m less sore and less swollen and yes it’s far from easy going but I can’t explain enough the feeling I had when I saw my abdomen for the first time with no dressings on , even though I was still bruised and in pain I couldn’t believe I was looking at myself
    Dr Tsekouras has always instantly calmed any nerves I had, his professional approach but direct manner is perfect, but he is also understanding he listens he is reassuring and comforting at times
    From start to finish with Mya from my initial appointment with Leanne, dealing with the girls at Mya even on the desk to every member of staff you meet at Mya Nottingham you guys and girls are amazing and reassuring and just perfect to deal with
    Tiny is the best nurse she just will give you all the information you need and some you never dreamed of asking at the same time
    The staff at MYA Fitzroy the nurses can not do enough to help you
    Even though case by case everyone is different they really try and understand what works for you and how best to help
    I was very stubborn and wanted to try a lot alone and they did allow that without babying me while offering care
    I wanted this surgery since my eldest daughter was born and for so many years I put it off, it’s an expense but I can not begin to say how much it has changed me as a person
    I smile every single day I’m so happy now just getting dressed I used to hate how I looked and nothing stopped that feeling, now I feel happy and so confident in myself
    Honestly for anyone in doubt Mya are amazing I never once felt like just another patient, with some consultants as I looked around before choosing Mya I felt as if I was a walking price tag
    I’m also so grateful for this forum as it put me in touch with one of dr Tsekouras patients that had the same work done and that in itself instantly calmed any nerves I had as she was amazingly helpful
    As for Dr Tsekouras he is genuinely my new superhero!


    Amazing to hear your story. So pleased your happy with your results. Can I ask what the time scale was from consultation to surgery?

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