Getting back to the gym/exercising post op (now 14WPO) Started by: Peggy

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  • Peggy 23

    Hey everyone!

    I’m 14 WPO tomorrow and have been scared to do any exercise or getting back to the gym since surgery, just in case! But I feel so sluggish and have eaten well over my limit so it’s time!

    I feel scared to do even arm circles at the moment but I really want to get back in to doing my yoga, handstand/balancing practice, as I feel okay now.

    For those of you post op who also train upper body or bodyweight training, any tips on what you have found okay/not so okay to do at this stage, or suggestions for exercises?
    I’d like to start downward dog/planks/full arm circles, towards press ups again gradually, and on from there.. does this sound okay would you say? 🙂

    My implants are 250cc mod profile over the muscle.

    Thank you! 😀

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