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  • Milly 6

    Hi girls any recommendations on where to get measured after BA xx

    Rael 20

    I know M&S do it but you have to book an appointment in order to get it done (not sure if this is for every M&S but it was with the one I went to).

    I am going to go Victoria Secret on the weekend to get measured there as I know they do it and that’s where I shop for my bras x

    Tracy 8

    Boux avenue and Debenhams are where I got measured, they both stock big cup sizes with small bands, went to both to double check the sizing was correct and would recommend both of them 🙂 xx

    Natalie 7

    Boux avenue definitely, I used to work there and an bra fit trained, the training is excellent and the girls really know what they are doing plus the fitting suites are amazing (designed to feel like your bedroom so completely relaxed and cosy!). They stock a really good range of bras upto g in a lot of styles and most importantly you don’t get rushed when getting measured, nothing worse than being mesaured in 2 mins and then kicked out the door to go buy as the assistant is too busy! Xx

    Milly 6

    Thank you girls 🙂 i will give those a try 🙂 i cant remember the last time i got measured ???? But now i cant wait ha! Im a couple weeks off 6wpo so ill try and wait. I wonder if im actually a 32 back.. ive heard loads of girls wearing the wrong band size before op. Tracy did you come up the same size in both boux and debenhams? Xx

    Lou 103

    Wherever you go just make sure you don’t get +4 on your band measurement- that will mean you’re in a too big band and a too small cup.

    A lot of us pre op used to wear bands too big and a smaller cup and were fine with that as we had no boobs!
    Now you e got them you need to support them.

    I used to wear a 36A/34B but not really fill the B
    Now I wear a 32E/F but in some bands that are very stretchy a 30FF

    I’m a broad size 12 with a wide rib cage. My tight under measurement is 30.5 and my snug is 31.
    Over bust standing is 37 inches
    Over bust leaning is 38

    Victoria secrets try and put me in a 34DD (I buy 32DDD)
    M&S try and put me in a 36D (I wear 30F or FF in their bras)

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