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    Hi Girls,
    I had my surgeon consultation with Dr Marcellino and I found him very nice, professional and listened to my concerns and expectations. I was hoping to go down to a C/D cup (GG at the moment), however he said that he believes that the smallest he could do for me is DD which admittedly is 5 sizes smaller than I am at the moment, but I am still a little disappointed.
    I’m wondering will I be able to do the things i want to do with DD cups such as exercise properly, be able to buy tops/dresses that fit me properly, be able to buy standard bra’s that don’t cost me a fortune as well as sports bra’s that feel like they are not strangling me and will my neck, shoulder and back problems go away.

    Somebody help!! I have so many questions Aghhh!!!

    Rose 1

    Hi Lisa, before my breasts grew to a whopping 32ff on my petite 5’1 frame I did bypass the DD size and it was perfect for me, if only they’d have stopped growing lol! DD is ideal in my opinion as pretty much all shops go up to DD in the regular ranges, it seems that anything over that and you’re shopping in plus sizes. I’m going down to a D/DD as I like to run and would love to wear some outfits without a bra if possible, backless dresses etc. I’m hoping a D/DD wont be too large for this but I also don’t want to go too small and it be a massive shock to the system. The last thing I want is to regret reducing them too much and going the other way. I would just love for my back ache to go and be able to wear what I want! My surgeon suggested didn’t go much smaller than this as I’m still quite curvy and a D/DD should look balanced and in proportion to my frame. I’m sure you will feel a lot different after going down 5 cup sizes 🙂 Will be a huge relief on your back I’m sure as it will mine! xx


    Sounds very similar to my situation but in reverse, I’m petite and looking to get those juicy DD’s 😛 but i’m worried about back ache. Would you ever consider going smaller to avoid back problems? or do you have an pictures so i can imagine them on my frame. thanks, jill

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