Going from A – C cup. 300 – 375CC with Mr Traynor results? Started by: Coco

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  • Coco 3

    Hi gorgeous girls,
    I’m due to have a BA in September with Mr Traynor. I currently am a 32 A/30 C depending on brands, looking to go up to a full C and keep them natural looking.
    I had my consultation with my PC and she said I should be looking between about 300CC to 375CC to get the results I’m looking for, but I’ll talk more about this with Mr Traynor on the 20th June.
    Do any of you lovely ladies have any pics of your results if you have had between 300-375CC implants? What size/profile etc did you go for?
    It’s so hard to tell what size to go for when we all have different tatas to begin with!
    Muchos appreciated.
    Coco xxx

    Devon 7

    Hi! I am having my op with Mr Traynor in september too, 21st! What date are you in? I am a similar size to you at the moment and I am going for 375/400 unders. Hoping for some post op pics too! xx

    jacquie 2

    Had mine today
    300 overs
    See my profile for a before and after
    You’ll need to add me

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