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    I get really fed up reading posts by people complaining about insignificant incidents at MYA.

    I have a had a great experience, I wanted BA doing for years but never had the money or the courage to go through with it until now.

    Everyone I have met at the company has been really helpful and put me totally at ease. All of the information needed was given to me in a big pack and also was talked through with me at my consultations. So many of the things people are posting on here panicing about do get fully explained to you if you bother to listen or read the info in the pack.

    I had 410cc unders at highgate by mr Kazzazi, and my consultation was at the Birmingham clinic. I would recommend MYA to anyone considering having cosmetic surgery.

    Anyone concerned about lack of after care, or information given shouldn’t be worried. The staff are very friendly and helpful, even when they are really busy with lots of consultations going on. They are always at the end of the phone if you do have any worries, but really everything is explained in full before hand.

    I feel like I have found myself some new best friends at MYA.


    Hi Anniew, lovely to hear you had a great experience, however not everyones is as great as yours, i have have afew problems (but i dont post them on here!)

    but hey, were all only human! xx

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