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    The finance that mya provide is through 1st medical loans….if you are borrowing below


    hi i had my consultation and got my hopes up when a loan company(carter&carter) guaranteed my loan only to empty my bank account!!!I then tried with 1st medical loans and even though myself,my partner and my mum(guarantor) they still declined us.This was nearly 3 weeks ago and im still mega upset and p****d off. Hope you have better luck and i think your doing the right thing getting your loan sorted 1st xx


    Hi everyone im new to this forum and i have a question i really want a breast enlargement my partner has agreed to be a guarantor for me as i have a low credit score as i never had any credit so new to the credit industry can someone please explain the guarantor terms to me my partner does not live with me he lives with his parents they own their home just wondered would the loan be at his address or mine if he is a guarantor for me as he havent spoken to his parents as yet as we want to find out the details first plus i dont want to go for a consultation and get my hopes up for them to be broken down any advice extremley welcome thanks everyone

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