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  • Holly 14

    Hi everyone just wondering how long everyone waited before going back to the gym? I’m only 3week PO so I know I can’t yet but just wondered when everyone else gradually got back into it xxxx


    Hi holly, I’m a proper gym freak and I’m 10 dpo and really want to go back, but I’ve been told 6 weeks and then when I do go back to start from scratch, so instead of 8kg bicep curls I’ve got to start off from 2kg ???? Double sports bra for my cardio too! Xx

    Hayley 7

    I’ve been told I can do lower body and mild cardio like power walking from 3 weeks and everything else from 6 weeks x

    Nic 77

    Depends if you’ve had overs or unders too! I had unders and was told only light cardio until 6 weeks. From 5 I was doing spin and struggled with some lower body. I don’t think I felt comfortable doing anything upper body until week 7. Even then it felt strange, but no pain. I could sort of feel the implants swishing around if that makes sense ha. They sort of seemed like they were rippling over water?! Must have been the swelling! I’m about 14wpo now, haven’t tried to do anything chest related yet but press ups are really difficult! X

    Laura 47

    Hi holly, it’s killing me not running but I know I can pick it up in a few weeks! I try to walk for an hour every day just because I felt too fat and flabby! I’m going to go back to Pilates next week (4wpo) but only do legs and core. As soon as I’ve had my 6 week check I’m back to running and metafit xx

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