Had reduction and uplift 2 days ago with mr mahdi Started by: Clare

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    So I had my reduction and uplift on Sunday 9th, it all went really well. I love the result they look so perky I’m amazed at the results mr Mahdi has done a fab job, couldn’t recommend him enough. I had my op at Preston first trust hospital all the staff there are so friendly it was honestly such a lovely experience. I’ve not had too much pain after, my only issue is taking codeine it made me feel totally out of it and I threw up at night a few times but i feel so much better now I’ve stopped them. I do feel lightheaded and dizzy today but apparently that’s normal after GA and a big operation.
    Just thought I’d share my experience as not many people on here have reduction/uplift no implants.


    Hi Clare, I’m so glad to hear that your surgery was such a lovely experience! Ive got breast reduction surgery with Mr Mahdi on Tuesday 15th Jan, not gonna lie I’m tad nervous but very excited! Can I ask what size you were & have gone down to now? I’m glad I’ve finally found someone with the same surgeon as me ? Did you boobs look better than you were expecting? I’ve been trying to imagine in my head what they’re gonna look like when they are done but I just can’t picture it! X

    Tash 1

    Hi Ladies, I’m considering an uplift/reduction. Any advice for me please?


    I’m considering both whats the total cost?

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